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July 15 2013

9813 ba6a
blunt, combat, boot

Image size: 612x612
9814 371c
very, funky, stylish

Image size: 720x720
9815 21f3
cigarette, smoke, grunge

Image size: 500x335

July 14 2013

6883 aac9
cigarette, coffe, cool

Image size: 500x343

July 10 2013

0613 6c80
Annaelle Carmagnole

Image size: 500x332

July 07 2013

5736 6b2e
brunette, cigarette, eyes

Image size: 497x750
5738 6bc0
boy, chocolate, cigarette

Image size: 500x355

July 06 2013

6067 e383
Hot, Pin Up, black and white

Image size: 550x443
9218 9b9a
black and white, cigarette, eyes

Image size: 500x218
6743 fce9
Best, WITH, and

Image size: 960x1280

July 05 2013

6744 fd5b
black and white, cigarette, girl

Image size: 499x750

July 04 2013

9199 3421
cigarette, hot girl, thinspiration

Image size: 450x541
4015 92db
cigarette, cocacola, cool

Image size: 489x750
4016 0b48
boy, cigarette, fashion

Image size: 500x750

July 03 2013

7128 54e4
black, cigarette, fuck this shit

Image size: 500x209
1449 9061
black & white, black polish, cigarette

Image size: 500x334

July 02 2013

2268 78c0
Hot, beautiful, bitch

Image size: 394x600

July 01 2013

7789 0442
barbie, cigarette, girl

Image size: 720x457
7791 b58d
boy, cigar, cigarette

Image size: 500x375

June 30 2013

6312 c471
alcohol, american, black

Image size: 500x337
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